Submission fails on JASMIN


I’m trying to run a suite, u-cm819, on JASMIN but am getting a submit-failed error message for fcm_make. This suite successfully ran just a couple of weeks ago, and I am now trying to run it again after making some changes to app/jules/rose-app.conf. I didn’t change any other settings, in particular nothing with regards to fcm_make, so I don’t understand why submission fails now. I’d be grateful for your help. Many thanks in advance!


Hi Markus:
From internal communications from Grenville. He also noticed that:
"this line in a lotus submission script
#SBATCH --constraint=ivybridge128G|skylake348G|broadwell256G
is causing
sbatch: error: Batch job submission failed: Invalid feature specification"

Grenville’s eventual solution was:
"All compute nodes of node type ivybridge128G were taken off LOTUS for replacement. The relevant documentation was updated:
For any Intel node type please use #SBATCH --constraint="intel""

This should fix your problem. You’ll need to change the processor constraint and then reload the suite and retrigger the fcm_make app.

Hi Patrick,

Many thanks for your help! I must have missed that update. The suite runs now.


Hi Markus
I am glad it works. I am not personally aware of any news about this that was broadcast widely from the JASMIN side. This ticket might make this issue more visible to other JASMIN users. Thanks for raising the ticket.

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