Suite picking up the wrong default resource project name

Dear CMS Supper Team.

Happy New Year.

I’m just picking up on a recent thread, because I am still having trouble getting my suite to run. Somehow, my suite is still defaulting to using project-acsis for some tasks, instead of using my new project-step. Dave helped earlier (see previous thread) to identify some changes that we inserted directly, and this enabled the suite to progress a little further, but the suite is now failing further on, and not writing out certain files (including pp output files) so I think we need to get to the source of the problem.

My suite is u-ct078 e.g.

I have had some help from my Met Office contacts (Martin Andrews/Jeff Knight), who have helped identify the problem (see below), and I’ve also e-mailed the Monsoon Team, in case the issue is at their end: more details here:

Dear Monsoon Support Team
I have a problem with running suites under my new project-step.

I was previously a member of project-solar and project-acsis, both of which have recently finished.

When I try running my suite (u-ct078) under project-step, it fails because it is somehow picking up a reference to the acsis project - see the message below from Martin Andrews, who has been trying to help me with this.

I would very much appreciate help with finding where this default to acsis is set, so that it can be over-ridden.

thank you very much!


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Subject: RE: missing pp files
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2023 12:58:59 +0000
From: Martin Andrews
To: Lesley Gray, Knight, Jeff, Lesley Gray

Hi Lesley,

Jeff and I have pored over the suite files, the output files, and compared with u-bs746 config (which looks to be a previous project-solar version).

The only concrete piece of information seems to lie within the job-activity.log file relating to the failed postproc task. It looks as though project acsis is being picked up from somewhere as part of the queue submission and this is stopping the postproc task from either running or writing log output. Below is the path to the file, and the error contained within.

(xcs-c) 2023-01-04T13:23:23Z [STDERR] qsub: error: [PBSZeroProject] ‘acsis’ has no share allocation in ‘collaboration’ trustzone
We searched everywhere in the suites to see where acsis could be being picked up, but found no trails that lead to acsis.

I hope you can help - many thanks

I don’t think that this directory exists, at the time that I’m replying:
so I can’t see the error in the post proc. I see that you’ve included the things discussed before, so hopefully the other bits are ok.

You are still a member of the unix group for acsis, and it may be that this is being used? If you don’t want to be in this group (which just affects permissions etc on the system) then the monsoon admins can probably remove you. Type:
‘groups lgray’
and you will see
‘lgray : mo_users collaboration collabusers step acsis’
if acsis goes away perhaps this will hide the problem?

Hi Lesley,

This message seems to be a duplicate of: Problem with project codes in Monsoon suite. Which we thought we’d fixed and the suite had run successfully? So you’re still having problems?