Using rose task to edit namelists for UKESM

On PUMATEST I will be starting a suite in which I wish to include an app to amend some namelists’ values (parameters used in some model processes)

Those values are determined on Archer2, so I’d rather amend them there, rather than on PUMATEST
I think I could do this changing of values in the ./app/um/rose-app.conf on Archer2 but am unsure if I should
a) do this after fcm_make (insert an added task to do the edits)
b) after fcm_make2

I hope to reuse an executable to avoid a rebuild, so hope the answer is after fcm_make2…
I’d appreciate guidance

Hi Mike,

I can’t see that it’ll make any difference after which part of the fcm_make that’s done, so I’d try first after fcm_make2 as that’s easier for what you want to do. I’ve not tried this so I’m only surmising here.