Visualiser Error on JASMIN

I have installed VAPOR on JASMIN in a virtual environment. This is a graphical software to plot netcdf files in 3D and create animations. The software seems to have successfully installed but upon launching, it displays an errors saying :

Failure to initialize Visualizer

InitializeGL failure
OpenGL Version β€œ2.1 Mesa 18.3.4” is too low and is not supported

Please advice.

Hi Sid

When I installed a 3D viewer package on jasmin I had to set this environment variable to make it work


maybe this will work for you?

If it doesn’t work I would suggest contacting the jasmin helpdesk as they probably have more experience with this sort of thing.


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Hi Jeff

Thanks for replying. So, do I type this in my python virtual env or anywhere?

Type this in the terminal before you run the application, I’m assuming you are running from a terminal?

Hi Jeff
Thanks. Instead I typed
export MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=18.3.4 to make it to work.
It opens now. However, the core dumps as soon as it ingests a NETCDF file. Trying to sort that out. Thanks anyway.

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