Warm start not redoing all tasks in a cycle?

Hi CMS Helpdesk
My suite, u-cl528, which I just did a warm start for in 20030601 on PUMATest and ARCHER2 has already completed the atmos_main and postproc tasks, whereas the atmos_main task normally takes several hours.

The working wiki document http://cms.ncas.ac.uk/wiki/pumatest-transition
currently says that all previously-run tasks for a cycle (i.e., 20030601) will be rerun. But it doesn’t look like it is properly rerunning all the tasks of this cycle. It might be figuring out that the particular tasks are already completed, and not rerunning them completely.
Patrick McGuire

Hi Patrick,

If the task had already been run and completed successfully from PUMA then yes it is likely to not do much, if anything, as the work had already been done, but the task is being re-run. This is normal practice. If you re-run a cycle or task under any circumstance the amount of work done in each task will potentially be different to the initial attempt as some of the tasks will not repeat what they’ve already done. The UM, for example, internally uses the xhist file to see where it had got to and will continue from there. This is the reason why you had to modify it the other day to force the UM to run a particular cycle from scratch.

From my very quick look postproc has done nothing as the data had already been staged to /work/n02/n02/pmcguire/archive/u-cl528/20030601T0000Z when it was run on 15th Feb.


That sounds good, Ros!
Thanks for the reassurance.