Add new output variable

Dear Patrick,

I am trying to output two existed variables ‘wcarb’ and ‘wlite’ (as progs although they arent but I dont know other ways) following error occurs.

I wonder if you could please tell me what is the possible issues or the correct way to make a variable into output because I need to compare them to other datasets so I cant just print them.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Wenyao:
There are a lot of changes that one needs to make to add a variable to JULES. What changes did you already make? Maybe you can use ‘grep’ to look at examples of what occurrences of some other output variable there are in the code, and then you can try to do the same thing for ‘wcarb’?

Dear Patrick,

I have realised that there’s something wrong with the suite. It is now fixed. Thanks a lot for your help.

I have add them to following places

Dear Wenyao:
Yay! Congrats on fixing it!

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