Bad optional configuration keys on UM13.2 run

Hi Helpdesk,

I am attempting to set up u-dd637, which is a copy of u-cw506 a UKESM1.1 piClim-control UM13.2 suite, to run on ARCHER2.

I copied across an archer2.rc file from u-cj514 which is a UKESM1.1 AMIP UM12.1 suite. I have also made necessary changes to the suite.rc and meta/rose-meta.conf files to allow the suite to run on archer2 and I’ve adjusted ancillary file paths. Lastly, I added

I’ve been able to get the suite to build the UM and run the recon but it fails on atmos_main almost immediately with the following:

[FAIL] Bad optional configuration key(s): archer2

I take it this has something to do with an optional config file for the um app but I’m not sure why it needs one.

Can you advise?


Just to finish my hastily created topic…

Lastly, I added an optional config file for fcm_make_um which specified the config_root_path as:

Hi Alfred,

The u-cj514 suite and others need the optional override file as they are setup to run on multiple platforms and we had to make some additional changes to build configs post UM release.

So after adding in the optional config override file for archer2 with the 13.2 config file in did the suite run ok?


Hi Ros,

Thank you for getting back to me. I defined ancil filepaths in an optional config file for the um app and the suite ran without error. Are there any key checks that you could suggest to make sure that the suite built the UM properly?


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