Can't respond to ticket

Hi CMS Helpdesk:
The user beckyoliver can’t reply to this ticket:

She says: “I tried to reply in the ticket and it won’t let me, it says I’m a new user and I have reached my reply limit!”

I think she was logged in to the Helpdesk, but I am currently confirming that. Can you advise, otherwise?

Yes, the user @beckyoliver confirms that she was logged in to the Helpdesk, when she encountered the error of not being able to respond to that ticket.

Hi Patrick,

It’s a spam safety feature. There is a limit to the number of posts you can make as a brand new user within a short period of time. I have up’d Becky’s user status so should be ok again now.


Hi Ros,

Thanks for that. How do I switch on notifications to I can see when a query gets a response - I had a look earlier, but it wasn’t immediately obvious where and how to do this.



Hi Becky:
Near the bottom of this page, there is a little bell, which says that it is either Muted, Normal, Tracking, or Watching. You can change it to Watching if you want. Do you see that bell? What is it set for now?
The bell is below the row of buttons labeled:
wrench-picture, Share, Boookmark, Flag, and Reply.

Thanks Patrick. I see it, and have changed it to watching!


Hi Becky,

Further to this; for topics that you started or have responded to you will automatically get a response without having to set the watching flag. See your default settings in your profile → preferences → Emails Under there you will see the general option:

Email me when I am quoted, replied to, my @username is mentioned, or when there is new activity in my watched categories, tags or topics

This is applies to all topics you have started or responded to and by default is set to “only when I am away” ie. only emails if the system hasn’t see you logged in for 10minutes.

For all other topics that you are not involved in you have to do as Patrick says and set the watching flag.


Hi Ros:
Maybe Becky wasn’t being notified for one or more tickets that I set up on her behalf, but whose ownership was later transferred to her (once she got a Helpdesk account)?