Correct file path to the fluxnet observations

Hi Patrick,
Do you know the correct file path to the fluxnet observations?
The old path in my python scripts isn’t working anymore.

Many thanks,

filename = ‘/group_workspaces/jasmin2/jules/pmcguire/fluxnet/kwilliam/suite_data/vn1.0/fluxnet_obs/daily_obs/US_Ha1-energyandcarbon-dailyUTC.dat’

Hi Noel:
Can you check out the latest version of the FLUXNET suite u-al752? The latest path is in there.

Hi Patrick,
I checked out a copy of the u-al752, however the file path doesn’t exist.

(base) [ u-co778]$ grep -r fluxnet_obs


.svn/pristine/7b/7b559b2d636feecd61390fac3b0e39963820b05a.svn-base: OBS_FOLDER = $DATA_FOLDER/fluxnet_obs/


suite.rc: OBS_FOLDER = $DATA_FOLDER/fluxnet_obs/

(base) [ u-co778]$

(base) [ u-co778]$ cd /projects/intimp/kwilliam/

-bash: cd: /projects/intimp/kwilliam/: No such file or directory

(base) [ u-co778]$ cd /projects

(base) [ projects]$ cd /intimp

-bash: cd: /intimp: No such file or directory

(base) [ projects]$

Hi Noel:
Can you look at the tutorial for the u-al752 suite for making it run on JASMIN? The tutorial is on the UofR land surface processes website.


Hi Patrick
Yes, it’s in the tutorial:


Thanks very much,

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