Createbc function for UM 10.7, and moving a suite to ARCHER2

I’m trying to adapt a rose-suite that was set up for running the UM (version 10.6) at the Met Office, to be run on ARCHER2. The suite has been copied over (u-cj898) for us, and I was hoping to adapt it for running version 10.7 on ARCHER2. However, when I check what is needed I’ve found that the original suite calls a function createbc, which does not exist (as far as I can see, from looking in /work/y07/shared/umshared/vn10.7/cce/utilities) for version 10.7 on ARCHER2. This script does exist for versions 11.1-11.7 on ARCHER2, but not for versions 11.8-12.1.

Is this function non-standard for the UM (I’m still very new to using the UM, so I don’t quite know what I should be expecting to be available), and are there any suites that have been setup for ARCHER2 which use this, that we could work from for adapting our suite?

Hi Doug

createbc is a standard utility typically associated with a nesting suite. We have ported a couple of nesting suites at later UM versions along with createbcs.

We have linked $UMDIR/vn10.7/cce/utilities/um-createbc.exe to the vn11.1 version - but have not tested if it works.

10.6/10.7 is getting a little old - we will likely spend less and less time supporting these old versions