Emails of our own helpdesk posts?

Is there a way to receive email copies of our own posts to the Helpdesk?
Currently, I don’t receive such emails, and I only receive email copies of other people’s posts to the CMS Helpdesk. This leaves gaps in my email record of the Helpdesk conversations.

Presumably you could make an account with your other email or something?

Hi DaveC:
That’s a nice suggestion. I guess there isn’t a way to configure this behavior in Discourse rather than adding another account for me on Discourse?

Hi again:
I tried DaveC’s suggestion of adding a 2nd email account. But my gmail account is not allowed for a CMS Helpdesk account. And my ncas account is not allowed since that is already taken as an account name, for some reason. Should I create another institutional account somewhere for this besides my account? Or is there another solution to getting self copies of my own helpdesk posts?

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