Error in u-ch427


This suite is supposed to work, but I’m having the following error message:

/usr/bin/env: ‘./atmos.exe’: No such file or directory

Any clues? I’m trying to have anything running in the new machine.

Kind regards, Luciana.

Hi Luciana,

atmos.exe is the UM model executable. Have you built the model?


I don’t know. I just copied the suite Grenville said it was working. I will check that and let you know.

Yes, you were right. UM was false. Let’s see what happens now. Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Hi Ros.

There are so many errors now that I cannot even copy them here. My guess is that this is the main problem:

? Error message: Failed to open file /work/n02/n02/lrpedro/cylc-run/u-ch427/share/data/ch427a.astart

I wish I knew why Grenville said this suite is working for him. I’m still clueless.

Kind regards, Luciana.

Hi Luciana,

You haven’t run the reconfiguration to create the start dump.

When you copy a suite from someone, before running it for the first time you always need to check that the build is switched on and if you need to run the reconfiguration. Often once a suite is working the UM build and reconfiguration may be turned off so as no to waste time re-running them unnecessarily.


Dear Ros.

Thank you very much. I’ll try that.

Kind regards, Luciana.

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