Free running mode with vn12 nesting suite


I’m trying to submit a vn 12.0 suite in free-running mode (i.e. FREE_RUN = true), with large-scale forcing from ERA5. However, the suite won’t submit and I get Jinja2 errors related to errors in suite-runtime/lams.rc at submission time:

[FAIL] File “/home/shakka/cylc-run/u-cq701/suite-runtime/lams.rc”, line 466, in top-level template code
[FAIL] DATADIR = {{mod[“ics”][“dir”]}}
[FAIL] UndefinedError: ‘dict object’ has no attribute ‘prev_ics’

Looks like the code that allows each cycle to take initial conditions from the previous LAM forecast isn’t complete. Am I missing a branch/code update or revision that will allow this suite to run like this in free-running mode? Or have I hit upon a combo of incompatible settings?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Ella

Some changes were made 8 weeks ago to u-by395 in the fix_ics branch - see – I’ve not looked hard at what’s been done…


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Grenville, you genius. I never would have found that tidbit of info - thanks! I’ve made a copy from the correct revision and it seems to be running fine.

Just a note though that the latest revisions of u-by395 don’t have the option to run on archer2 (only ncas-cray-xc30) so I had to update the following files to get it to work:


and made the folder /site/ncas-cray-ex/ with the suite-adds.rc and suite-vars.rc files.

I’ve committed these changes in my new suite u-cq759 so it should run okay at revision 236230.


Ella - I think not! Glad it’s working.

We are working to get our ARCHER2 additions into the trunk.


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Hmm. Have gotten to the first ec_recon step and encountering some more failures - nothing particularly useful in the pe_output or job.out files, even with extra diagnostic messages switched on in RCF_PRINTSTATUS.

Any idea how to extract a little more detail from this error message? The input ancillaries are the same that are working without hitch in my re-initialised run and it’s the first cycle point, so I am struggling to figure out what the input list in question could be.

???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!! ERROR ???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!
? Error code: 4001
? Error from routine: CHECK_IOSTAT
? Error message:
? Error reading namelist EXCEPTIONS
? IoMsg: A READ operation tried to read past the end-of-file.
? Please check input list against code.
? Error from processor: 0
? Error number: 0


I suspect it’s read past the end of SHARED

FILE_MANAGER: Assigned : SHARED (see
FILE_MANAGER:          : Unit :  11 (fortran)

???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!       ERROR        ???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!
?  Error code: 4001
?  Error from routine: CHECK_IOSTAT
?  Error message:
?        Error reading namelist EXCEPTIONS
?        IoMsg: A READ operation tried to read past the end-of-file.
?        Please check input list against code.
?  Error from processor: 0
?  Error number: 0

which probably means there’s a mismatch between the namelist(s) created by Rose and those expected by the model. This suite is UM vn12.2 – u-co447 was UM vn12.0 (did that one work?)


ahaaa. u-co433 is the one that’s running (I used u-co447 to create my n2560 ancils). Currently having some issues with the Arctic suite u-cq635. But that’s by the by.

cq758 and cq759 (Arctic/Antarctic free-running suites, respectively) are both 12.2 whereas the re-initialised suites are 12.0.

How can I make the namelists match (or is there no quick fix for that?)

Got to the bottom of it:

there are two extra entries in the SHARED namelist within glm_um/rose-app.conf@L70 at vn12.2

source=(namelist:nlcfiles) namelist:nlstcall namelist:ancilcta namelist:temp_fixes namelist:jules_temp_fixes namelist:carbon_options namelist:coupling_control namelist:model_domain namelist:planet_constants namelist:run_dust namelist:run_glomap_aeroclim namelist:run_ukca namelist:run_gwd namelist:run_vera namelist:run_murk namelist:run_convection (namelist:run_comorph) namelist:run_bl namelist:run_precip namelist:run_radiation namelist:run_cloud namelist:run_aerosol namelist:lam_config namelist:run_ozone namelist:run_free_tracers namelist:run_eng_corr namelist:gen_phys_inputs namelist:run_dyn namelist:run_dyntest namelist:easyaerosol namelist:jules_model_environment namelist:jules_surface_types namelist:jules_surface namelist:jules_radiation namelist:jules_hydrology namelist:jules_rivers (namelist:jules_overbank) namelist:jules_water_resources namelist:jules_sea_seaice namelist:jules_soil namelist:jules_vegetation namelist:jules_irrig namelist:jules_soil_biogeochem namelist:jules_snow (namelist:jules_urban) namelist:run_stochastic namelist:run_electric namelist:ancilcta (namelist:items(:)) namelist:exceptions

Have amended this and it is now running. Looks like there are a few differences between vn12.0/12.2 app/um/rose-app.conf namelists too, but I’ll tackle those when I get there.

Thanks for your help! E

Hi Grenville / Ella, we’re also experiencing issues when setting free running to True. Receive a mod is undefined error.

Ella - is it ok to take a look at your suite to see the changes you made to get it to work?

Grenville - when will the archer2 fix for this be released?

Much appreciated


Hi Richard,

Of course! I’m still working through a couple of fixes to the namelists, but I’ll pop a comment here to let you know when I’m done and commit the changes for you.


Amazing thank you!

Hi Richard,
I’ve just committed a version of suite u-cq759 which is running at vn12.2 on archer2 in free-running mode. There were a lot of finnicky namelist changes to get it to run so hopefully this saves you some effort!
Best wishes,

Brilliant this is really great and will certainly save us considerable time!

I had a quick test and it looks to be missing the /site/ncas-cray-ex/ folder, wondering if its not synced across? Can’t see it in (apologies if I missed it)


Woops, well spotted - forgot to fcm add it! Will correct that now…

Hmm. Unfortunately after 30 mins I get an error in the fcst like this:

Error from routine: set_thermodynamic
Error message: A total of 25 points had negative mass in set_thermodynamic. This indicates the pressure fields are inconsistent between different levels and the model is about to fail.

@Grenville, have I missed something when copying stuff over from u-by395 do you think? I’ve clearly done something!


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Hi Ella

I don’t think this is a problem with something missing from the suite – more some numerical instability in the model. There are several queries on our old helpdesk relating to set_thermodynamics errors, see for example #3136 (negative mass in set_thermodynamic) – Old CMS Website, where the problem seemed to be resolved by shortening the time step. Perhaps try that.


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