How to change the font size of UMUI window

Hi all, When I logged in to puma account (through PUTTY and then BC4) and opened the UMUI window, the words are too large to see and operate. I wonder how can I change the font size.
I already tried change some setting of Xming:
In the Propertiies of Xming in window system, changed the Target: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Xming\Xming.exe” to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Xming\Xming.exe” :0 -clipboard -multiwindow -dpi 96, but after I changed it, nothing happened.

Hi Linlen,

Try creating a .ghui_appearance file in your $HOME directory on pumanew containing:

# fonts
option add *font   "helvetica 12"
set fonts(lines)   "helvetica 11"
set fonts(menus)   "helvetica 11 bold"
set fonts(help)    "courier 11"
set fonts(buttons) "times 12"


Hi Ros,

Yes, this works!

Thank you so much!