N512 run - Out of Memory


I have made a copy of the standard job u-ca369 (u-cg647), and am trying to run it at a resolution of N512. I have confirmed it runs at N96 resolution. At the higher resolution, I am using an 26 nodes with atmospheric decomposition of 32x32x2 with 80 processes per node, as suggested by Grenville via http://cms.ncas.ac.uk/wiki/Archer2#Performance. However, the atmos_main task failed due to being out of memory. Would you be able to help?


Hi Daniel
Maybe someone else on the CMS Helpdesk knows more about this, but I might have had the same problem (or a similar problem) that you are having. But maybe things have changed since then.

Try looking at this ticket on the old CMS Helpdesk:


Hi Patrick,

thanks for the suggestion. I’ve depopulated the nodes to 50 ppn and doubled my OMP threads from 2 to 4. I’ll put any further updates here.


This seems to have worked. Thanks Patrick.

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