Porting a non-standard suite from Nexcs/Monsoon to Archer2


I am needing to port a (probably non-standard) suite to Archer2, that was previously run on Nexcs/Monsoon by my colleague Seb Steinig. It is a suite to generate the weights for the oasis coupler, which we need to do in order to change the LSM. I can see from the previous topics about this that they used to be documentation, but no longer. Is this something you can help/advise with? Do I even have appropriate permissions to do it myself, or is this something only you can do? The suite in question is u-bp550.

Thank you,


Hi Charlie

u-bp550 is not something that will port seamlessly to ARCHER2. You certainly can port it but I think the best way to proceed will be to run it on Monsoon.


Thanks very much. What is the protocol these days for using monsoon? Do I still need to have a met office partner? Or has it relaxed?


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