Porting rosie suites to Archer2


I’m trying to port a suite that was set up for MO Cray HPC to run on Archer2 (specifically suite u-bs561). Is there some documentation available to help with this, or failing that would somebody be able to advise me how to do it?

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There are links to suites here:

so you can find things to copy.
If you have issues with apps there is more information, so ask (I’ve just hit a dead link, but I know it’s around :slight_smile: )

This is also useful if you’re transferring to JASMIN:

Hi Dave,

I tried last week to port the suite I want (u-bs561) to run on Archer2 by comparing with Archer2 suites. I’ve tried again today by comparing with one of the standard suites (u-bs251, which runs GA7). I’m having quite a bit of difficulty because the setup of the NCAS standard suites is very different to the suite I’m trying to port. I am quite new to the UM, so I’m struggling to identify how much this is due to the very different model setups (v. short, convection-permitting runs of the idealized UM over a small bi-periodic domain, vs. multi-year, coarse-resolution global integrations of the full UM), how much is due to running on different architectures, and how much is due simply to the coding preferences of who set up the suite.

I’ve seen elsewhere that there used to be a guide for this sort of thing (http://cms.ncas.ac.uk/archer2/porting/); is this information still available somewhere? It would be very helpful to work through it rather than semi-blindly comparing two very different suites.



u-bs561 does not have a site directory where architecture specific settings are maintained - many suites written with portability in mind have such a general architecture a section. u-bs561 has its machine settings buried in the suite.rc file. That makes things a little less straightforward.

Is it not possible for you to run this on Monsoon?


Hi Grenville,

There’s nothing in principle to stop me from using Monsoon, but I don’t currently have an account there and don’t know how resource allocation etc should work. I’d rather try to get something workable on Archer2 if possible. I’ve tried searching for other idealized UM suites but most of them seem to be set up to run on the MO machines. Would it be easier to modify an Archer2 suite to do what I want? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


While I haven’t managed to get it to work yet, it seems the old guides for porting suites to Archer2 are available here: https://github.com/NCAS-CMS/cms-website/tree/main/_archive/porting

At first glance this seems a lot more useful than trying to reverse-engineer how to do it by comparing suites.

Any idea why the guides were taken down?

The guides were taken down because they were out-of-date following the ARCHER2 upgrade.

From my own experience, I think it would be useful for the guides to still be available, but with a (prominent) disclaimer and link to the Archer 2 upgrade guide (Updating a UM suite after the ARCHER2 O/S upgrade).

The porting guide states a lot of things that may seem obvious to experienced UM users, but as a relatively new user these things took me a lot of trial and error to work out. It would have been much easier to use the porting guide in conjunction with the Archer 2 upgrade guide, rather than semi-blindly comparing suites.