Pumatest - UMUI

Hi Andy and CMS support,

I tried starting the UMUI on pumatest just now and got the following error message (having logged in with “ssh -AX”) - is there a way to get this to work?

pumatest.nerc.ac.uk$ umui &
[1] 22864
pumatest.nerc.ac.uk$ connect port 6000: Connection timed out
Application initialization failed: couldn’t connect to display “localhost:25.0”
Error in startup script: invalid command name “option”
while executing
“option add *foreground $colours(enabled_fg)”
(procedure “entry_appearance” line 19)
invoked from within
(file “/home/umui/umui/ghui2.0/tcl/entry.tcl” line 52)

[1]+ Exit 1 umui

Kind regards,


Hi Peter,

Is this still a problem?

Can you try logging in with ssh -AY and see if that makes any difference?

Are you logging in to pumatest direct from your desktop? Is this from Linux, Mac, Windows - MobaXterm…


Thanks for getting back Ros. I think it was actually a problem on my machine that I have hopefully rectified.



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