UMUI failing to open on PUMAtest giving error message "Could not connect to PRIMARY server"

Dear NCAS-CMS helpdesk,

The UMUI was opening fine this morning (from but when trying just now
I am finding the UMUI crashes whilst building the window with the experiments & jobs info.

An X-window appears with title “No connection”, and the error message below.

Please can yoiu check if pumatest has somehow lost its network connectivity.
IOr is there a planned/unplanned maintenance session at the current time?)

Thanks for your help with this,

Best regards,


Dr. Graham Mann
Lecturer in Atmospheric Science
School of Earth and Environment
University of Leeds

Could not connect to the PRIMARY server ( The PRIMARY server
( may be down. The PRIMARY server ( may not
be running. There may be a network failure.

Select ‘Quit’ to quit the application or, if appropriate select ‘Cancel’ to cancel the
command and the system will attempt to continue as though the command had not been

Otherwise, if there have been no announcements of outages then
PLEASE report to Server Administrators as they may be unaware of the failure
Error: couldn’t open socket: connection refused"

Hi Graham,

UMUI had crashed and I have now restarted it.


Hi Ros,

OK, great, thanks.

And to confirm, I’ve just tried the UMUI, and it works fine now.


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