Request for ERA5 up to current date


I’ll be running a nudged simulation (in a week or so) to compare with a number of campaign datasets, some of which are still taking measurements.

Monsoon2 ERA5 data goes up to end of September 2023 (which is already amazing, thank you) but is it possible to add any more that are available please? It would be great to have the full 2023 year if they have released the rest of it…


Dear Ross,

I’ve emailed Mohit Dalvi, the nudging Code Owner at the Met Office, to enquire about the ERA5 dataset used for nudging and whether it could be updated on Monsoon2.

Many thanks and best wishes,

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Thanks Luke,

I have set off the processing scripts and will update here when the Nudging ERA5 dataset has been updated.

Best Wishes

The ERA5 dataset for Nudging on Monsoon is now available updated to Dec-2023.

Best Wishes


Amazing, thank you Mohit

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