When I try to submit my vn11.9 nesting suite (u-ci559) on Monsoon I get this message in popup window. Please could I have advice on what it is saying and how I can fix it?


Well, actually it looks like CRUN_LEN and CYCLE_INT_HR were set in the other way around. But I’m still curious about how this kind of error messages should be understood…

Hi Masaru,

It basically means the dependency graph; ie. what tasks should be run and in what order, is incorrectly formatted.

For example should be something like:
task a => task b => task c
but you had:
task a => task b =>

Hope that helps.

Thanks, Ros.
So it means task c failed? Then we still need to know what task c is and find out why it fails?

Hi Masaru,

No, that’s not what I’m saying. When you submit a suite it processes the *.rc files to figure out what tasks to run and in what order, depending on the settings in the suite. It constructs a graph which is the task a => task b notation I used above to indicate that task a is run, then when that succeeds task b, is run, for example. The settings you had selected in your suite had caused the graph to be incorrectly constructed so you got a syntax error. When you fixed the suite settings, it fixed the graph generation.


Hi Ros.,

Thanks for the explanation. I’m not sure if I understood it, but I’ll stop bothering you with this.


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