Running MetUm-Goml3 on Archer2

I am trying to run MetUM-GOML3 on archer. I have copied a suite (u-cb431), I changed the account and username informations. I made a first attempt at running it (my suite is u-cw177), but I am having an error message when running fcm_make_kpp:

[FAIL] svn://pumanew/svn/KPP_ocean_svn/KPP_ocean/trunk@207: not found
[FAIL] svn: E170013: Unable to connect to a repository at URL ‘svn://pumanew/svn/KPP_ocean_svn/KPP_ocean/trunk’
[FAIL] svn: E210005: No repository found in ‘svn://pumanew/svn/KPP_ocean_svn/KPP_ocean/trunk’

I was wondering if I should update something in the suite


Hi Paul-Arthur,

Just investigated and the KPP repository wasn’t activated on pumanew. I will need to sort that out and get back to you.


I think KPP repository should be good to go now. Please try re-running your suite.

Hi Rosalyn.
It worked, I have now been able to run the suite (the fcm_make_kpp routine), thank you!

I now have the next failing as well (fcm_make2_kpp), and I am having this error message:

"Lmod has detected the following error: The following module(s) are unknown:

I made an update of the Science Configuration Module Name (to GC3-PrgEnv/2.0/2021.12.15), as suggested here (Trying to get a login-4c job to work on the new login nodes on ARCHER2 - #2 by RosalynHatcher) but I am still having the same issue. I restart the suite with rose suite-run --restart and rose suite-run --reload.


Hi Paul-Arthur,

As we discussed, this suite is from the 4cab system so there are a few old settings in there. I will update it for Archer2 after the system upgrade.