Running UKV on Monsoon

Hi there
I am trying to get a first UKV run going on Monsoon. I started following the tutorial Met Office Science Repository Service.

I managed to have tasks 1, 2 and 3 running successfully
However, the end of the tutorial has a section “Extension task 4-variable resolution” which simply states that I should choose the option to run UKV (L70_40km, L90_40km, L70_40km + RAL3) under the Resolution 1 window.

Doing that (suite ID u-cv638) leads to an error message related to the ancillary file. The last 4 lines of the the fie job.err are copied and pasted bellow:

[WARN] file:IOSCNTL: skip missing optional source: namelist:lustre_control_custom_files
[WARN] file:RECONA: skip missing optional source: namelist:recon_idealised
[FAIL] namelist:items(4786818a)=ancilfilename: UM_ANCIL_LSH_TOPIND_DIR: unbound variable
[FAIL] source: namelist:items(:slight_smile:
2023-05-22T08:31:10Z CRITICAL - failed/EXIT

Please need your help to resolve this issue

Hi Chimene

It appears that the ancil versions file is not set up correctly for that configuration - but, there was no task 4, so I’m unsure what the extension mean. Best contact the MO for this.