Running UKV on Monsoon. PBS: job killed: ancillary files not found

I am trying to get the first run going on Monsoon.
I followed the tutorial:

I copied the suite u-cr932 and I am able to run the nesting suite with the option “User specified” in the section resolution setup.
The tutorial says we can run the UKV by simply switching from “User specified” to “UKV L70_40km + RAL3”

However, my job keep failing at the stage its runs um_recon and the error message indicates that the ancillary files have not been found (see error message eblow). However, I was advised that the UKV is a pre-defined domain and the ancillaries are in a central location, which means that the location of the ancillary files doesn’t have to be specified in the suite. Any help please

???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!! ERROR ???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!
? Error code: 10
? Error from routine: CALC_NLOOKUPS
? Error message: Ancillary files have not been found - Check output for details
? Error from processor: 0
? Error number: 6

Hi Chimene,

What’s the suite id of your suite please?


The suite ID is u-cx331

Hi Chimene,

In the job.out file it says:

Ancillary File does not exist.
File : /data/d03/meso/ancils/RA3/UKV/ukv_gal9_ral3/qrclim.sea

The suite is referencing files that are stored internally to the Met Office.

I can’t currently see anywhere in the tutorial that says that the suite will actually run on Monsoon2 in the UKV L70_40km configuration. Extension task 4 just points to the option and asks what the benefits are. If you need to run the suite in this configuration for your project do you have a colleague at the Met Office who can retrieve the required files for you?


Hi Ros
Thanks for your prompt reply
I m having help from Kirsty and Arathy. They help me to setup the suite to run the UKV. However, Kirsty nerver run the UKV on Monsoon and she told me that there is not need to indicates the location of the ancillary files. She asked me to contact you for help.
To be honest, I have no one who can retrieve the required files for me

Hi Chimene,

I think that’s a bit unfair of them not helping to copy the required files over for you; that’s part of setting up a suite. Anyway, I have copied over the meso/ancils/RA3/UKV directory for you. It is under /projects/umadmin/rhatcher/chimene. Please copy it to your own directory.

I’m on leave from tomorrow till next Tuesday so if there are any other files that are needed, beyond today, you will need to ask Arathy or Kirsty to copy them over for you. They both have accounts on Monsoon2.


Thanks for your help. I am now able to run the UKV :innocent: