UM_READDUMP STASH processing code error

Much like the error I documented in this ticket, and like the one Russell was getting here, i am getting an error about certain STASH fields on model levels in my West Antarctic suite (u-cu484).

Error message: UM_READDUMP Dump does not match STASH list: Wrong processing code

Specifically, in the pe_output the model complains about the QCF, QCL and specific humidity variables:

UM_READDUMP : Dump field 4162 does not match STASH processing code for section 0 item 12

Things I’ve tried:

  • Testing on other vertical level domains (e.g. TH_1_80)
  • Running the tidystashtransform macro
  • Tried removing and re-adding them and not running the macro, as suggested here by Paul Field.
  • Testing an alternative cloud scheme, as all the non-functioning outputs appear to be moist cloud fields

None of these have helped. Can you help me debug this any further?