Ancillary files have not been found

Dear Grenville,

I am running u-ck183, also a copy of u-ci287. After following your above instruction ( See query U-ck217 unknown site archer2), the original error was fixed and the job can be submitted. But I got an error message:

Error code: 10
Error from routine: CALC_NLOOKUPS
Error message: Ancillary files have not been found - Check output for details
Error from processor: 0
Error number: 2

It seems some of the ancillary files are missed. Could you please provide advice on how to check which ancillary files are missed?

Thanks in advance,

It informed /work/n02/n02/eewz/BC_080212_v1_soot.anc is unexist, but this file is indeed exist in this directory.

Hi Weiyu,

Please give us permission to read your /work directory on ARCHER2 23-cab.

chmod -R g+rX /work/n02/n02/eewz


Hi Ros,

Thanks, I’ve give the permission.


Hi Weiyu,

Thanks. /work/n02/n02/eewz/BC_080212_v1_soot.anc does not exist on the 23cab. Remember the /work disk is different on the 2 systems.


Thanks Ros, it works!