Appropriate management of CMS model code

Hi – I am liaising with Suzie and Ruza to manage some CMS model code and make available on request, to be linked from a journal article by DOI.

We do have a suitable repository mechanism for this but just wanted to double check on any process / best practice that NCAS would recommend? As I understand, we will be able to release code to users that have an appropriate licence?

Thanks for any guidance


Hi Nick

Please could you be more specific about which CMS code?


Hi Grenville,

It will be the complete code (human readable) to run UM4.5 (FAMOUS) job with some new mods: specifically job XPDAA.

Some more context: in relation to an article that we have submitted, GMD are insisting on there being a recorded (i.e. locked) version held somewhere, since the main code base could in theory be modified and is not version controlled. This is part of their publication requirements. The code for job XPDAA would only be available from our repository upon request, and Nick is checking what that request process should be – i.e. what is the best/your preferred way for us to verify that the user requesting access has the appropriate permissions/licence for the code to be released to them?

Is this correct, Nick?

I hope that clarifies, but let us know if you need more info.



Thanks Grenville and Ruza – yes, that is correct.

We host a restricted access repository for which a user will ned to request access to data/code, so we will need to stipulate on the record what criteria they must meet for us to grant access. We would then ask them to sign an end user agreement outlining their responsibilities etc.

If that sounds like a suitable model for NCAS then we will need to establish those criteria and any process for us to verify that a user meets them.