Creating NEMO_4.0.4_GO8 branch on Monsoon2

I am working with the GOSI9p8.0 ORCA025 rose suite u-cn052(M), which uses the nemo source code ‘branches/UKMO/NEMO_4.0.4_GO8_package@15748’ located here. I would like to take this branch and modify the source code. However, when I go to create that branch on Monsoon, the result is always a branch from the main nemo trunk, regardless of the options chosen e.g. with --bob (branch of branch) and/or specifying @revision_number. See a snippet from the command line below:

twilder@xcslc0:~/NEMO/branches> fcm bc -k 652 --bob NEMO_4.0.4_GO8_package_qgleith

[info] Source: (15748)

[info] /usr/bin/vim: starting commit message editor...

Change summary:




Commit message is as follows:


NEMO branch of GO8 to test QG Leith implementation in a copy of rose suite u-cn052.

#652: Created /NEMO/branches/dev/thomaswilder/r15557_NEMO_4.0.4_GO8_package_qgleith from /NEMO/trunk@15557.


Create the branch?

Enter "y" or "n" (or just press <return> for "n")

Could anyone advise on this?

Thought I’d update this post with a solution.

For some reason, fcm bc ... just would not work. I came across this on the code.metoffice site. Essentially, I copied the branch i needed and placed it in a dev branch

svn copy

I then checked out the new branch into my local Monsoon directory,

svn co .

I can now make changes and commit these to a branch.