[FAIL] [FAIL] No hosts selected

Hello CMS

I am running u-db437 and I got this error when I tried re-running my suite (rose suite-run). Never seen this error before. I tried running my other suites and getting the same error.

[FAIL] bash -ec H=$(rose\ host-select\ not-yet);\ echo\ $H # return-code=1, stderr=
[FAIL] [WARN] not-yet: (ssh failed)
[FAIL] [FAIL] No hosts selected.

Should I be making some changes in the suite-adds.rc file? But I am not sure, since I was able to submit jobs until yesterday.

Please advise.
Best Sid

Got it to work. I had switched on SRTM orog which was calling an IDL_SERVER set to “not-yet” (in suite-adds.rc file). When that was switched off- got my suites to work.

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