PUMA reconfiguration problem

Hi, my user name is huiling. I’m running the HadCM3 in the puma and local hpc (BAS) these days. But I meet a very weird problem when running simulations. That is, I can run the simulation with no reconfiguration normally, but when I switched on ‘reconfiguration’ in the puma umui window, the simulations always failed. Then I checked the .leave file in the ‘umui_out’, and it showed as the following:

Because I can use this start dump file to run the simulation with no reconfiguration, I think that the problem is not from the start dump files. As for the ‘xprxp.astrat’, I cannot find it in this directory due to failing to create this file during the reconfiguration process. The same situation also occurs to the reconfiguration executable.
I suspect that something wrong happens in my puma account, so I check the scripts in this directory ‘/home/huiling/umui_jobs/xprxp’, the strangest thing is that in “MODS_RECF” and “MODS_RECC” scripts, but no environment variables settings written here. I compare ‘xprxp’ job with the previous reconfiguration job, the two files should record the information of reconfiguration. I think that it may be the reason why I cannot run the reconfiguration simulation successfully, but not hundred percent.

Could you help me check and fix this problem in my puma user account, please? I have been trapped by this for more than 2 weeks. I really really need your help to go on my simulations. Great thanks for your help.


Hi Huiling

HadCM3 is provided as is with no user support - we do no have the resources to support users.

I can only offer minimal suggestions - have you built the reconfiguration executable?


Hi Grenville,

Thanks for your quick reply.

No, I cannot build the new reconfiguration executable in a reconfiguration-on simulation. It’s very strange. I could create and build it in my previous running, or in my colleague’s running. The same setting doesn’t work for me, Then I went to check the scripts after clicking the ‘process’ button in the umui windows, found that the some reconfiguration settings not be recorded in the MODS_RECC and MODS_RECF. I’m wondering if you have any idea of this problem. Thanks.




Could you post the entire .leave file.


Please also note that the umui will stop working on the existing puma service on Tuesday 17th October.
If have not already done so, you will need to set up an account on puma2.
See Transition to PUMA2 for details. If you only plan to use the umui at BAS and not ARCHER2,
you only need to do the first 5 steps.


Hi Simon,

It seemed that I could run the simulation normally. But I still don’t know what happened to my account. One of my colleagues helped me to run my test simulations in her account, it ran successfully. Then I copied her new job to my experiment, no problem occurred with this running. After this successful running, my other jobs could run as normal, even with no changes to them.