RAS jinja2 PORT_FILES error


I am running the Regional Ancillary suite u-bu503 and I have set it up following a tutorial test set up but I am seeing this error when I try to run:

[FAIL] cylc validate -o /working/d02/rglazer/jtmp/tmp.SwEDpEoCZI/tmpp_0iq9 --strict u-cv624 # return-code=1, stderr=
[FAIL] Jinja2Error:
[FAIL] File “”, line 306, in top-level template code
[FAIL] UndefinedError: the template ‘site/monsoon-cray-xc40/suite-vars.rc’ (imported on line 88) does not export the requested name ‘PORT_FILES’
[FAIL] Context lines:
[FAIL] {{ancil(regn, resln)}}_nocustom =>
[FAIL] {% endif %}
[FAIL] {% if PORT_FILES %} ← Jinja2Error

Can anyone point me to what might be going wrong?

Thank you,