Smaller nests have fewer output diagnostics

I ran vn11.9 nesting suite (u-cg028) with 3 nests in Regn1. I checked the results and noticed that the outputs from smaller nests contain only about a half of section 34 diagnostics of that from the largest nest. These do not include 34-104 AITKEN MODE (SOLUBLE) H2SO4 MMR, for example. I thought everything under ‘app/um’ are common for all nests, am I wrong? Why does this happen and how can this be fixed?

The outputs from nests are

where nest=NAtl (large), nest=Brit2Port (middle) and nest=c182 (small).
results from Brit2Port and c182 contain the same number of diagnostics as far as I checked.

All UKCA related settings including STASH requests for UKCA diagnostics were made in /home/d03/myosh/roses/u-cg028/app/um/opt/rose-app-ukca.conf .


/home/d03/myosh/cylc-run/u-cg028/share/cycle/20190710T0000Z/Regn1/Brit2Port/RA2M/um/umnsaa_ph003 is from July 12 from a run for which the STASHC file is no longer available. /home/d03/myosh/cylc-run/u-cg028/share/cycle/20190710T0000Z/Regn1/NAtl/RA2M/um/umnsaa_ph003 was created on July 14th - the July 14th run for Brit2Port failed with a netcdf error, so I have nothing to compare to help follow the sequence of events.


Hi Grenville,

Thank you for checking. I didn’t notice the difference in the dates of the output files.

The earlier run that went successfully was for 20190710 and the last run that failed was for 20190712. I don’t know why earlier (0710) run didn’t output the same diagnostics or why the 0712 run overwrote the result for 0710. Or maybe some other thing happened. Anyway I will rerun the suite for 0710 and see what happens.


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