USE_ANTS on archer2


Looking for help on how to get USE_ANTS working (and thus make use of the cci data). With the switch set to true I receive the following error that the ants directory is not found:

cmdTrace.c(713):ERROR:104: ‘restore’ is an unrecognized subcommand
cmdModule.c(411):ERROR:104: ‘restore’ is an unrecognized subcommand
/bin/sh: /home/bassett/cylc-run/u-ce122/share/fcm_make_ants/bin/python: No such file or directory
[FAIL] ${ANTS_PYTHON_PATH}/bin/python -s ${ANTS_PYTHON_PATH}/bin/ ${source} --target-grid ${target_grid}
[FAIL] -o ${output} --ants-config ${ANTS_CONFIG} <<‘STDIN
[FAIL] ‘STDIN’ # return-code=127
2022-05-04T14:18:46Z CRITICAL - failed/EXIT

This same error occurs when running my own suite (upgraded to vn12.2), an earlier attempt using vn11.1 as this nesting suite was supposed to have ants (I don’t have the link to the supported suits as the website has changed) and also using u-ce122 from the UM tutorial. Section 7.5 (7. Further Exercises (2) — NCAS Unified Model Introduction) suggests ants ancillaries will be created.

I’ve had a root around $UMDIR to see if there is a copy of this folder but not found anything yet so any help much appreciated!


Hi Richard

I’m not sure we ever claimed ANTS would work in a nesting suite - the CAP does.
We are working on getting ANTS to run elegantly on ARCHER2.


Great, yes please let me know when this is working ok.

Similar question, do you know when a nesting suite will be supported on vn12.2?
I’ve tried but received “/bin/sh: um-createbc.exe: command not found”. Vn11.7 nesting suite runs without problems.

Much appreciated, Richard

Hi both, if you’ll excuse me barging in, I would also be very keen to hear about any progress updates to get ANTS and version 12 of the nesting suite running on archer2.