Where is the code browser for HadCM3

I have often used the code browser for HadCM3, which was previously found at: https://cms.ncas.ac.uk/wiki/UM/CodeBrowsers

I need the code browser to get line numbers for writing NUPDATE mods to my code.

Could you let me know where the code browser has moved to?
Many thanks

Hi Julia,

The code browsers are, unfortunately, currently offline. We can’t serve them in the same way as we did before. They will be coming back but not quite yet. You can get the NUPDATE line numbers direct from the 4.5 UMPL source code files.


Hi Ros,

Thanks for your quick reply. Great to hear that the code browsers will be coming back as they are very useful!

The 4.5 UMPL source code files sound like a good workaround. How do I find them? The only other way that I have been looking at the code is using the files that are produced when a job compiles - however they don’t have line numbers.

Best wishes,

Hi Julia,

I’m not sure how you run 4.5 at Leeds but it should hopefully be at one of these locations on ARC.

$UMDIR/vn4.5/source/umpl or $UMDIR/vn4.5/source/umpl.dir


That’s great! I have found it.